High Spirits has been making flutes since 1990. Since then, we have always carried a flute as we’ve traveled throughout the world. In the beginning it was simply for our personal entertainment, but we quickly learned that music is the universal language. No matter the country or culture, playing music inspires generosity and kindness. Political and religious differences are set aside and people open their hearts, sharing moments of inspiration, creativity, and joy.

The Spirit Flute has grown from these moments. Its simplicity and sweet voice bring the joy of creating music to life.

Traditional western instruments (guitar, piano, etc.) often require many hours of practice before one can feel free to simply create music. But Spirit Flutes are different. They are simple to learn, low tech and no previous music experience is needed to play them. Music that normally requires complex fingering patterns can be played by just opening the fingering holes one at a time. This unique design allows anyone to create expressive melodies from around the world.

We all need creative expression in our lives – a way to connect to people, nature, and spirit. Music fulfills these needs, it’s a wonderful way to communicate emotions and feelings that often don’t have another outlet. Today, few things inspire a deep feeling of connection as strongly as music does. Music is the universal language – it connects us to nature and spirit, to the people around us and to ourselves.

The simplicity and diversity of the Spirit Flute brings this connection to your fingertips.

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